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Zerona Body Sculpting in San Antonio: Unexpected Benefits

July 15, 2019 | admin

Are you annoyed by lumps of fat that won’t budge from your body, no matter how much you exercise and diet? Now, you can get in on the secret shared by great-looking bodies in San Antonio and elsewhere. Learn more about Zerona body sculpting and how it can benefit you.

What Is Zerona Body Sculpting?

Zerona is the amazing alternative to surgery or liposuction for anyone who has trouble shedding those final few inches. We know how frustrating it is to lose weight and work out but still contend with back fat, tummy bulge, bra rolls and so on. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer Zerona at our spa in San Antonio.

  • It’s a great alternative to surgery or liposuction.
  • The fast, painless procedure takes only 40 minutes.
  • You get gorgeous, permanent results.
  • Zerona is clinically proven to remove more fat than other nonsurgical body-shaping methods.
  • You never have to restrict your activities during or after your treatments.
  • It works without scarring or side effects.
  • Zerona is FDA-approved.

How Does Zerona Body Sculpting Work?

Zerona uses a patented device to destroy fat cells. The device opens tiny holes in the walls of the fat cells. This weakens the fat cells and breaks them down. The weak, broken fat cells then pass into the body. Over the next few weeks, your body eliminates these fat cells through normal processes.

How Does Zerona Compare to Other Body Sculpting Treatments?

There are many nonsurgical, noninvasive body-shaping treatments available. We wanted to offer only the best. Here’s why we selected Zerona for our San Antonio clients.

  • Zerona has been proven to work.
  • The treatments are painless and comfortable.
  • Our customers are thrilled with their results.

What Is the Procedure Like?

During the treatment, you lie on your back for 20 minutes while the device goes to work on the front of your body. You then turn over for another 20 minutes. The procedure is comfortable and painless.

We recommend three sessions a week for two weeks. You can always get more treatment sessions if you want to enhance your results. You will see your results shortly after completing your first four treatments. During that time, your body will continue shedding fat cells. Your results are permanent as the fat cells will not grow back.

Schedule Your Zerona Body Sculpting Consultation

If you’re interested in sculpting your body without surgery or liposuction, visit SliMedica in San Antonio to learn more. Contact us today to schedule your consultation! You’ll be on your way to a gorgeous new body.

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