Spontaneous beach trips, winter skiing adventures, and laughing until you couldn’t laugh anymore has left a mark on that gentle skin of yours. SliMedica offers gentle peels that are designed to take years off your skin, leaving you looking younger and feeling great. It works by stripping a layer of skin, revealing a newer, fresher layer of rejuvenated skin beneath.*

pros of chemical peels

Little to no down time Immediate reduction of skin imperfections* Brighter and clearer skin* Penetrates the skin to smooth rough texture and discoloration*    

How it Works

There are three levels of chemical peels; light, medium and deep. Light and medium take no recovery time at all, while the deep peel takes about two days for the skin to heal and rejuvenate. The chemicals within the peel, applied by a SliMedica professional, strips away layers of skin. Then, the new layer that grows back is younger looking with less imperfections*   *Individual results may vary