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Weight Loss Solutions

Fit 3D Body Analysis

Achieving a healthier lifestyle can be frustrating but rewarding journey. While spending more time at the gym and eating a better diet may help you feel better, it may be discouraging if you are not seeing dramatic results you desire. Your body may be improving, but it may be difficult to feel like you are accomplishing enjoyable results. However, a full body scan with Fit3D technology can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your body composition as well as a visual representation of your progress. Discover the benefits during a consultation with our team at SliMedica in San Antonio, TX!

What Is the Fit3D Body Scanner?

The Fit3D body scanner is a body imaging device that completes a full body assessment and delivers results in three dimensions. The device is user friendly, and a scan takes less than a minute to complete.

To have your body scanned, simply stand on the Fit3D platform and hold onto the handles. There are no restrictions on who may be scanned or how many people can be scanned. The comprehensive scan analyzes every inch of your body for an accurate and thorough body analysis.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Scan?

Fit3D is extremely unique as it measures and provides information about more than 400 different results about your body and wellness with three dimensional technology. The technology maps the surface of your body and reflects changes and measurements to an extremely precise unit.

  • A Fit3D body scan can help you better understand your body by providing insight on:
  • Body circumference
  • Body composition
  • Comparative data
  • Fat mass
  • Lean mass
  • Measurements over time
  • Wellness metrics

Regular scans can help you better track your results and monitor changes. This visual representation of your results may help you stay engaged with your progress on your wellness journey.

Results of your scan are delivered to you directly in a confidential email, and it is up to you who you share your results with. These results can help you establish a baseline for a larger health and fitness plan.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Anyone could benefit from a Fit3D body scan! This imaging technology can help anyone gain a better understanding of their personal body composition.

Choosing this method of a body scan can be particularly beneficial if you are working to develop a personal diet and exercise plan to enhance your personal wellness. A consultation with our team can help you fully explore the benefits of this scan.

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