Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

There has never been a better time for technology and self-care to come together. Thanks to the amazing technology of lasers, SliMedica is able to offer San Antonio an assortment of laser-based solutions for weight loss and rejuvenation.

Laser Treatments At SliMedica

Fotona Laser

The Fotona Dynamis XP Laser is one of the most powerful and versatile tools SliMedica has to offer. The laser can help with many things including:

Spider Vein Removal: Varicose veins are a huge source of insecurity for women. If you are sick of hiding your legs and wearing jeans in the summertime, you may benefit from our spider vein removal laser treatment.

Nightlase: Sleep apnea is a common and frustrating condition. It’s hard for you and your partner. Your snoring keeps them up, and the constant snoring and difficulty breathing makes it hard for you to get a good night sleep.

Skin Tightening: If you’ve recently lost a large amount of weight, skin can have a hard time tightening back up. Additionally, as you age the skin loses its elasticity. Fotona Laser can help tighten skin that has lost some of its elasticity or has been stretched during weight gain.

4D Facelift

You don’t have to go under the knife to get a facelift. At SliMedica we offer four different laser facelifts, including Smoothliftin (Intraoral Tightening), Piano (Skin Tightening), Frac3 (Rejuvenation), and Superficial (Light Peel). Depending on your specific needs our team can help you determine which 4D Facelift treatment is right for you.


Using non-invasive laser heat, TightSculpting helps sculpt and tighten skin and tissue to contour and reshape your body without surgery or downtime.

Zernoa Laser

Using cold laser technology, the Zerona Laser breaks down unwanted fat so that it can secrete naturally out of your body. It is the first non-invasive, non-surgical option for weight loss and can often help patients lose inches from their hips and waist.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth is just one of the many things that cause women to lose vaginal tightness. If you are looking are interested in vaginal rejuvenation SliMedica can help. This pain-free option helps 95% of clinic trial patients to notice an increase in their vaginal tightness. Schedule your laser treatment with SliMedica today. (210) 880-0549.