What is Visia 3D Complexion Analysis?

September 16, 2019 | admin

Visia 3D complexion analysis is a revolutionary system that is completely redefining how skin care is looked at and how treatments are provided. It is a system that offers an improved experience for individuals who have concerns about the condition of their skin and want treatments in order to address them. This unique system is able to smoothly rotate around the individual who is having the complexion analysis done. The imaging process is much easier to perform than older systems, which means that the comfort of the client is increased. The software has also been updated. This means that images are captured more quickly, which also increases the comfort of the client.

Learn More About Visia 3D Complexion Analysis

This multi-point positioning system makes it easy for technicians to capture images of a client’s skin and document their progress after using treatments that have been recommended. A client will sit comfortably in a chair with their chin resting on the device. The module is able to rotate around the client, which means that it will easily capture images from the left side, right side, and front of the face.

UV and cross-polarized lighting are used in order to measure conditions of the surface and underlying parts of the facial skin. This unique form of photography can measure for sun damage and a variety of other skin conditions that a person may be dealing with. The unique technology evaluates the skin, looking for things like hyperpigmentation, inflammation, spider veins, and a wide variety of other skin conditions.

You may be wondering about some of the conditions that this complexion analysis system is able to detect and how it indicates that these conditions exist. Below are a few examples that this unique system can analyze.

Spots on the skin are usually distinguishable because of their red or brown color that contrasts with the background skin tone. The spots may vary in shape and size and are usually visible when a person is simply looking at your face. Facial wrinkles, creases, and folds come about as a person loses facial volume and the elasticity in their skin decreases over time. They also are more noticeable because of exposure to the sun.

A person may be dealing with texture issues. Areas that are depressed or raised can indicate that the skin surface is not smooth. The pores in the skin are also closely examined. They are usually identified by their circular shape and darker color. Bacterial excretions that are lodged in the pores can be easily identified. These are good indicators of where acne may exist and need treatment.

One of the reasons why our clients are interested in using this skin analysis system is because they are concerned about the potential for skin cancer. This system is able to identify UV spots. Epidural melanin absorbs UV light right below the surface of the skin. These areas are easily seen when the skin is analyzed. They come as a result of sun damage.

Brown spots and red areas are also detected. If you have discoloration or pigmentation issues at the surface of your skin or below it, these will be easily identified by this imaging system. Red areas, like spider veins or inflammation, are also easily identified.

A Breakdown of the Software of Visia 3D Complexion Analysis

This unique system has advanced software that can provide different forms of analysis to help individuals who are dealing with a wide variety of skin issues and want to address specific problems. Now would be a good time to discuss some of the features of this software.

Your age and the age of your skin may not match. Some individuals have skin that would better match an individual who is much older than they are. Individuals who have taken good care of their skin throughout their life and who have protected it from the sun may actually have skin that is younger than they are. Truskin Age is a unique feature that determines the age of a person’s skin and its overall condition. After the complexion analysis is done, the software allows a person to determine the right type of skin care products and treatments that would be appropriate for addressing their skin conditions.

Another unique feature is the advanced aging simulation that is available with Visia 3D complexion analysis. It allows us to simulate how our clients could look at different ages. The ages available are anywhere from 18 to 80. This feature is only available when using front facing images.

Would you like to know how the condition of your skin compares to what is normal for individuals who have your same skin type and who are about your same age? This new software offers a comparison tool. It allows access to the world’s largest skin feature database, allowing us to grade the condition of your skin. Some of the things that it will be able to measure and compare with others include facial wrinkles, texture issues, the size of your pores, brown spots, inflammation, red areas, and UV spots.

You will easily be able to compare images side by side. You can pan and zoom images in order to easily compare them. This is great when diagnosing a skin condition right after the analysis has been done as well as when you want to compare skin analysis that have been done at different times.

Are you interested in trying an anti-aging treatment but are not sure if it will give you results or if you will feel satisfied with the results? Use Visia 3D complexion analysis in order to get an idea of what you may look like after a particular treatment. This unique analysis offers aging simulation. It will be able to show you how you will look in five to seven years if you do nothing about spots or wrinkles on your face. It will also be able to show you how you would look if five to seven years were taken off of your perceived appearance. This may give you just the motivation that you need to begin skin care treatments. We will be able to show you how you could potentially look after trying specific treatments.

Would you like to know what type of skin you have? You may have tried to self-diagnose in the past. Perhaps this has led to disastrous results. It is difficult for a person to diagnose their own skin type, especially if they have a combination of different skin types. They may have even consulted skin care professionals but not felt satisfied with their diagnosis. This unique system offers skin type detection. It will automatically examine your skin using streamlined image processing and then provide you an appropriate diagnosis. This is beneficial when it comes to determining skin care treatments that are appropriate for your skin type.

How a Complexion Analysis Can Help You

Now that you are familiar with some of the features of this unique system, it is good to look at some of the ways that it can benefit you. The main benefit that you are going to receive from this complexion analysis is that you will give you a medical image of the surface of your skin as well as the layers that are beneath it. It will show irregularities or damage that are present. It will then offer a precise treatment plan in order to help you address specific issues.

We recommend that you have this analysis performed before and after any treatments that you use. It will provide a clear outline of how the treatment has helped to improve the condition of your skin. When the health of your skin is improved, its appearance is improved as well.

It can be difficult to see subtle changes that have taken place with the condition of your skin by simply looking in the mirror. This analysis allows you to closely watch your skin transform as you use treatments and skin care products that we recommend.

When you visit us for your first analysis, we are going to take pictures from several angles using different wavelengths of light. As mentioned above, this treatment uses cross-polarized, ultraviolet, and standard lights in order to provide in-depth images of what is happening with your skin. Once we have fully analyzed and diagnosed your skin issues, a customized treatment plan can be created.

Are you interested in Visia 3D complexion analysis? If so, contact us today at Slimedica and book a consultation at our office in San Antonio. We look forward to hearing from you!

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