What Can a MicroLaserPeel Treat?

October 19, 2018 | admin

If you are bothered by damaged skin but don’t have the time (or patience) to spend hours at the doctor’s office trying to make it better, you may find that a MicroLaserPeel is a good option. This specialty treatment addresses damaged skin using specialized laser technology. In turn, healthier skin cells replace the damaged ones. Your skin transforms from dull and lackluster to radiant and glowing.

What Problems Can Be Treated?

The MicroLaserPeel can be used to eradicate a number of problems. It has been shown to minimize the appearance of fine lines and skin laxity. The treatment can also reverse some of the effects of sun damage that appear on your face. All in all, the laser treatment is considered ideal for surface-level skin problems.

How Does It Work?

This sophisticated laser treatment is popular both for its ability to make the skin look refreshed and rejuvenated and its ability to give patients control over how light or aggressive they want the treatment to be. If you want a minor change, the laser can be adjusted for a lighter treatment where just the surface layer of the skin is treated. The end result is more energized and youthful-looking skin. In the end, regardless of which level of resurfacing you have, you will end up with skin that looks newer and younger than it did before the treatment.

Getting Started

Even after just one MicroLaserPeel treatment session at SliMedica in San Antonio, TX, you could notice a big improvement in the quality of your skin. However, it may take multiple treatment sessions to get the maximum results. This number varies based on a number of factors. To learn more about this amazing option for better skin, contact our office today and schedule your consultation!

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