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Three Reasons to get Laser Hair Removal

August 22, 2017 | admin

Three Reasons to get Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is something nearly every woman experiences in one way or another during her life. It may be the need to shave your legs every other day, preparing for your wedding beauty timeline, or just the fact that you always forget to shave your armpits when you go sleeveless. Whatever your unwanted hair issue may be, laser hair removal is a fantastic option for correcting it.

Fotona Laser Hair Removal Saves Time

We all have so many things to do. Between family, friends, work and all the other things we have going on, any time saved is a win. According to Statistic Brain, on average women shave 12 times a month for 10.9 minutes. That’s more than one full day a year spent entirely on shaving! Laser hair removal requires fewer procedures and lasts longer than a shave. What could you do with an extra day?

Bonus: The Fotona Laser is the fastest hair removal laser in town. You can do both legs in only 30 minutes!

Hair Removal Lasts Longer Than Traditional Shaving

Depending on the area of treatment, laser treatments usually last six months to a year but only require touch-ups after that about twice a year. Typically you start seeing major results after your first few session and for best results, it’s recommended to complete six sessions. How long does a shave last you? Two days?

The Fotona Laser is Less Painful Than Other Types of Hair Removal

There are very few pains that hurt the way ripping off a sheet of wax and hair from your body hurts. Plucking hair with tweezers might be close. Unlike the laser hair removal of years passed, the Fotona Laser feels like sharp puffs of air – a huge difference from the other often painful hair removal lasers and processes on the market.

Ready to learn more about the Fotona Laser and our San Antonio laser hair removal services? Contact us today to purchase your laser hair removal sessions. (Available in packages of 6 or as solo sessions.)

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