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Take Your Health to New Heights by Losing Weight

June 3, 2019 | admin

Losing weight can drastically improve your appearance. It also delivers multiple other health benefits that you might not expect. If you’re thinking about starting a weight loss program, talk to our provider about the number of calories that you should consume, the types of exercises that would be best for your body, and your overall health as you want to ensure that there aren’t any issues that need to be treated or monitored before you begin your weight loss journey.

When you’re overweight, some of the critical blood values in your body can get too high or even too low. As you begin losing weight, you’ll start to see that these levels will decrease over time. One of these levels is your cholesterol. When the LDL values of cholesterol are high, which is the bad type of cholesterol in your body, then fat deposits can begin to collect in your arteries. This can then lead to a heart attack and other health issues that would need to be treated. As you begin exercising, eating healthy, and losing weight, then you’ll notice that your HDL will begin to increase, which is the level that you want to get higher.

Another benefit of losing weight is that your blood pressure will usually begin to decrease. As your blood pressure decreases, so will the pressure that is placed on your heart and lungs, which can then lead to an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke. Once your blood pressure starts getting lower, then you cut the risk of these issues that can arise. You also want to lower your blood pressure because it can impact your kidney function, leading to kidney failure if left untreated or unchanged.

One of the areas where you likely see an excessive amount of fat is in your abdomen. There are usually chemicals that are present in this area of your body that can lead to an increased risk of developing dementia and other neurological diseases. When there is an excess amount of weight and high cholesterol in your body, then you can begin to have silent strokes that don’t always present with physical symptoms. Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are also common when there’s an excess amount of fat in your abdomen. Losing weight can begin to decrease your risk of developing these conditions over time with the first step being to meet with our practitioner about starting a weight loss plan.

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