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Signs You Need Medical Weight Loss in San Antonio

July 8, 2019 | admin

If you have worked hard to lose weight for months or years just to gain it all back, it may be a sign you need medical weight loss. In San Antonio, we offer custom-designed programs to suit each individual’s weight issues. Your weight loss will no longer depend on a starvation diet. Your good health is at the forefront of your journey along with education about why you gain weight and how to keep it off permanently. 

What Is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

We believe in helping our clients become beautiful from the inside out. That means helping you reach your goals in a healthy, nutritious manner, while addressing any hormone imbalances that may be stopping you from succeeding. 


Your diet will be personalized to meet your needs with healthy, low-calorie meals. You may be given some pre-prepared meals and taught how to cook your meals from fresh local ingredients. The plan will be customized to your likes and dislikes and organized so you rarely if ever feel cravings for high calorie, unhealthy food.


Exercise is an important part of any weight loss program and essential for good health. Not everyone is a gung-ho exercise person and this may be one factor of weight gain. In a medical weight loss program, we will start your exercise program with simple things you can do easily. Only when you are ready will your regime become more vigorous. By the time you reach your weight goals, you may have an exercise regime that is easy for you to continue regularly. 

Laser Treatments

To help you kick-start your journey and help you stay motivated, we offer Zerona laser treatments. These treatments can help you see quick, dramatic results without the need for a lot of hard work. This can help motivate you to lose even more weight, and it can give you and idea of what you will look like in the future when you’ve reached your goals. 


With a physician in San Antonio overseeing your weight loss program, you can be prescribed any medications you may need to help along your journey. We can offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as well as weight loss accelerators if necessary. We want to make sure you are able to reach your goals, no matter the obstacles standing in your way.

You may need a comprehensive medical weight loss program if you need to lose weight but cannot do it on your own. If you have health issues, medical weight loss is your best option. Visit SliMedica in San Antonio to learn more about what we offer. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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