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April 29, 2019 | admin

Excessive weight has devastating results. It can hurt your self-efficacy, sex life, and even harm your chances of success in life. Lucky for you, there are options available for you. About 40 percent of Americans are obese. This statistic makes weight management a national concern. We offer a variety of weight loss solutions at SliMedica in San Antonio.

Why Should You Choose Our Weight Loss Solutions?

We offer targeted solutions. There is a temptation to jump into weight loss programs without a plan. That is not a good idea. A good weight loss solution should prepare you mentally. You should set the goals before you begin the program. The service provider should customize the program as much as possible.

To do that effectively, they must understand your body profile, history, and barriers. Once you know these problems, you can safely develop a program that can work for your client. We do that for every patient who comes to our program.

Weight loss is not possible if you are not aware of the opportunities that you have as a patient. We want to develop a culture of weight management. We don’t want the client to lose weight without knowing how to maintain it. We work on the barriers that can prevent you from pursuing a healthy life.

We collaborate and learn from you. We know that we have achieved the results because we work with our patients to strengthen our programs. We research to improve our service offering. We also incorporate evidence-based options into our work plan.

We are a team of professionals. Weight management and loss is a professional service that should be sought only from people who have the skills and training to do them safely. We have a team of people who have experience and training in weight loss solutions.

Am I Ready to Start?

Many people will ask this question. As long as you are overweight, you could be making that phone call to us right now. The chances are that you are struggling with weight already. However, we will not rush you into making a decision. We know that mental preparation can make or break your resolve in getting results. We will let you decide when it is the best time to start.

At SliMedica in San Antonio, we offer a variety of weight loss solutions including: hormone replacement therapy, the hCG diet, weight loss accelerators, which are all made effective with the Fit3D Body Analysis. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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