Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

SmoothLiftin™ (Intraoral Tightening)

This Intraoral Tightening Treatment works through controlled “bulk-heating” to stimulate collagen contraction. The result is an overall improvement in the tightness and elasticity of the treated tissue.

FRAC3® (Rejuvenation)

This treatment rejuvenates skin on a deeper level, complementing the effects of the Intraoral Treatment with the use of the Nd: YAG laser. The end result is truly rejuvenated skin down to the deepest

PIANO® (Skin Tightening)

This method causes bulk tissue heating safely and rapidly, from the outside in, by concentrating energy delivery subcutaneously. The PIANO® pulse works with a brushing technique for an overall tightening effect.

SupErficial™ (Light Peel)

The SupErficial™ treatment completes the Fotona 4D process by giving a light, pearl finish to the skin. By using VSP technology, SupErficial™ gives a controlled light peel without thermal effects, leaving the skin fresh and rejuvenated.

4D Facelift

Fotona 4D is a series of non-invasive laser treatments that work together on both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity. The four treatments include SmoothLiftin™, FRAC3®, PIANO® and SupErficial™. 4d-face-lift-info