Key Benefits of BOTOX in San Antonio

July 1, 2019 | admin

The makers of BOTOX® have a new TV commercial running that says “Look like you with fewer lines,” and that’s precisely what the cosmetic treatment helps you achieve. It’s all about a subtle youthfulness that makes you instantly recognizable but in the most refreshed way. Modern aesthetics today have taught us to avoid the overdone procedures that involve anesthesia, incisions and scars. Many of us prefer to appear younger, healthy and to own our look, and BOTOX® injections can deliver on that promise.

Safe, Speedy, and Effective

There is nothing worse than hiding out following a cosmetic procedure, waiting to heal and feeling pain. Most of us don’t have time for complicated recoveries or surgical procedures that yield permanent results we may not like.

That is why the world’s number one injectable is so appealing. BOTOX® is safe and fast when administered by a skilled San Antonio aesthetic specialist. In just minutes, the injections can be carried out, and then you can go back to your daily lifestyle immediately.

You will begin to notice the anti-wrinkle effects appearing after 72 hours, and by the end of two weeks, the full smooth results will have kicked in. Your complexion will look amazing and younger with fewer lines. No one will be able to figure out how you look rested and better than ever.

It’s a temporary cosmetic solution, but one treatment session features lasting effects for four months. After that, your frown lines and wrinkles will begin to appear again. You can choose to keep up the treatments or skip them. You don’t need a permanent commitment with BOTOX®.

Multiple Skin Smoothing

The anti-wrinkle serum is a great multi-tasker and can be used on both the face and neck for youthfulness. For instance, your horizontal forehead lines are responsible for many expressions you make, but these prominent lines are no match for the smoothing power of BOTOX®. They can be ironed out to appear less noticeable. The same goes for the two, short vertical lines between the eyebrows. These annoying frown lines can by halted into submission with a quick fix by the anti-wrinkle serum.

If you have developed crow’s feet at the outer eye from sun exposure, general aging or constant squinting, quick injections will smooth them away. Some talented San Antonio cosmetic technicians can treat the tear trough or undereye lines and even create a non-surgical brow lift to open up the eye area.

BOTOX® remains the injectable king worldwide because it’s simple, fast and smooth. If you’re excited to try it, then feel free to visit with us here at SliMedica in San Antonio. Our team of friendly and amazing skin care experts is ready to deliver that ageless complexion. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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