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Experience the Amazing Results of a Vampire Facial

October 8, 2018 | admin

Smooth, radiant and firm are three words that describe a beautiful complexion, and most celebrities today seem to have that kind of amazing skin. Famous people are wild about the Vampire Facial®, and you can achieve similar results from this regenerative, natural therapy.

Reality TV Star Launched Vampire Facial®

Many believe that it was Kim Kardashian West who popularized the facial by posting a selfie of her face smeared in blood on social media. People couldn’t believe that this kind of treatment was actually beneficial for the complexion, but it truly is.

The real name of the Vampire Facial® is called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. The client uses their own blood to help improve wrinkles and scars, minimize pores, balance skin tone and give volume to facial contours.

Tiny Acupuncture-Type Needles Do the Work

The in-office procedure involves two steps. First, blood is drawn from the client’s arm by a needle and spun in a machine called the centrifuge. This kind of technology separates the platelets that are rich in plasma protein from the red cells.

Next, very small wounds are made on the client’s face via tiny acupuncture-type needles to prepare the complexion for the topical application of PRP. The serum becomes absorbed into the tiny holes and is designed to help stimulate collagen production.

Post-Treatment Care

Following a Vampire Facial®, the client will notice some incredible aspects like firmer and softer skin and an even glow. These results will improve in the weeks to come. Post-facial, it is common for the complexion to show redness and possible skin sensitivity, but these usually resolve within 24 hours time. Some clients may experience light flaking or peeling of the skin; this is normal and a part of the healing process.

Vampire Facial® Equals Natural Rejuvenation

Beauty science has taught us that stimulating the body’s own natural regeneration abilities is possible, and this two-step facial is excellent at improving the complexion’s appearance in a minimally-invasive way.

A Vampire Facial® delivers natural results without the application of synthetic or enhanced substances. For this reason, PRP Therapy is safe, and the client is using their own blood plasma.

Maintaining a healthy, youthful complexion isn’t just for Hollywood stars. A Vampire Facial® works for all types of skin at any age.

For more details, contact SliMedica today to schedule your consultation! Beautiful skin doesn’t have to be “scary.” The advancements made in skin care today yield exceptional results with zero to little downtime. We are conveniently located in San Antonio, TX.

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