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Choose the Zerona Laser as Your Weight Loss Solution

October 15, 2018 | admin

Weight loss can take an emotional and physical toll on your mind and body. The truth is that the only way to really lose weight is to find the perfect balance for your body. Diet and exercise play a huge role, but they can’t always get your body to the place that you want it to be. Age and genetic factors can keep you from shedding the fat around your stomach and other areas no matter how good your diet is and no matter how much you exercise. When it comes to weight loss, we can all use a little help sometimes, and that’s why we offer Zerona laser treatments, which could finally rid you of that stubborn, unwanted fat!

What is the Zerona Laser?

The Zerona laser is a completely non-invasive weight loss treatment that addresses the fat cells. Unlike liposuction, which requires you to undergo surgery, Zerona laser treatments use a state-of-the-art cold laser that is able to target fat cells, emulsifying them so that they are absorbed by your body. In other words, the laser makes the fat cells disappear!

What are the Benefits?

The Zerona laser requires absolutely no surgery. It is also completely safe as the laser only targets fat cells, leaving the rest of your cells, tissue, and capillaries untouched. The treatments are convenient, even for those with busy schedules. Do keep in mind that a series of treatment sessions may be necessary in order to achieve the best results.

When you’ve already done everything you can to lose weight but you still aren’t seeing the results you want, then it’s time to turn to the experts SliMedica in San Antonio for help! With our Zerona laser treatments, we can help you say goodbye to that fat without the need for surgery. Contact us today to schedule your Zerona laser consultation!

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