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Are Lip Injections in San Antonio Right for You?

August 5, 2019 | admin

Just a short time ago, augmenting the lips required surgical treatment. Rapid and impressive advances in dermal filler technologies, however, have made it possible to reshape, enhance, and even redefine the lips without the need for cutting or downtime. If you live in San Antonio and want fuller, lusher lips, lip fillers could be the ideal solution for you. These injections take just 20 minutes to complete and their results can last up to two full years. Best of all, lip injections are sufficiently adaptable for accommodating a very broad range of cosmetic needs. They’re great for restoring facial balance after other aesthetic treatments have been performed. They can also improve overall lip symmetry, while restoring the soft and dewy look that’s indicative of all-around good health and youth.

Dramatically Alter Your Appearance Without Any Long-Term Commitments

Many San Antonio lip injections are performed with high-quality, hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is something that is naturally produced in your body. This substance can be found in your connective tissues and skin where it exists to provide both support and hydration. When injected into the lips during these procedures, HA facilitates a rapid plumping effect. This in turn, adds a new layer of soft volume to the lips while filling in fine lines and creases that are the result of the aging process, normal wear and tear, and certain lifestyle factors such as smoking and poor diet.

One of the primary benefits in using HA-based fillers to augment the lips is the fact that these products only last for a very limited amount of time. Given that the body naturally produces HA, it can quickly identify this substance when it’s injected, and it’s capable of gradually breaking it down. Some HA-based dermal fillers last just six to nine months. When these products are used in non-surgical lip augmentation, however, they can last as long as 12 months to 2 years. The extended benefits of these fillers is the result of cross-linking. With cross-linking, small and large HA molecules are paired together to build a stronger and more enduring injectable substance. Due to its essentially natural composition, cross-linked HA is still unlikely to cause allergic reaction, but it is also more difficult for the body to recognize and break down.

Patients who choose to augment their lips surgically must commit to semi-permanent or even permanent aesthetic changes. If these individuals are ever unhappy with their treatment results, they may need to undergo secondary revision procedures in order to move closer to their targeted goals. With lip fillers, this level of commitment is not required. If you do not like the shape or size of your lips post-treatment, you can rest assured that these changes will gradually fade away over time.

Hydrate Your Lips from the Inside Out

When people are young and healthy, their lips seem to have a perpetually soft and dewy look. This is the very same look that consumers often attempt to recover by applying soothing balms and other lip colorants and moisturizers. When it comes to the lips, however, few things will provide greater aesthetic benefits than total hydration. Surprisingly, HA-based dermal fillers can help people achieve this by hydrating the lips from the inside out. The natural plumping action of HA is the source of this total hydration. Once HA-based lip fillers have been injected, the hyaluronic acid that they contain will start attracting water molecules and collecting them, even as it binds itself to local skin cells. The results are visibly refreshed lips that are plump and soft to the touch.

Reshape Your Mouth to Achieve Greater Facial Balance

The current range of options in non-invasive cosmetics is downright mind-boggling. Not only is it possible to non-surgically augment the lips, but people can also undergo non-invasive rhinoplasty. Moreover, many options in surgical treatment are becoming increasingly less invasive and lower in risk. The latest surgical cosmetic treatments are also requiring shorter recovery times. For these and other reasons, many consumers are opting to alter and improve their looks in a variety of ways. One very important thing to note when altering any primary feature is that significant changes in one facial area often necessitate alterations in another. This can be done to achieve optimum levels of facial balance. For instance, if you receive a chin implant, this new and enhanced structure might make your lips look smaller than they actually are. In this case, modest amounts of a high-quality filler can be added to both the upper and lower lip to restore proper facial proportions. This allows people to achieve seamless and perfectly balanced looks overall.

Improve Lip Symmetry

Sometimes, the drive to receive lip injections is less about lip shape or lip size, and more about achieving overall symmetry across this feature. If your top lip is full on one side, but slightly thinner on the other, this may be a difference that adds character to your face, or one that detracts from your looks and diminishes your self-confidence. Given the very precise manner in which lip injections are performed, fillers can be used to create perfect symmetry by correcting all visible differences in size or shape, as well as other abnormalities.

Even when no problems with symmetry exist, lip fillers can be the perfect tools for refinement. If you want a pouty lower lip, or the much-coveted, heart-shaped mouth, these products can help you reach your goals. Unlike surgical lip augmentation, San Antonio lip injections are extremely flexible and adaptable. This allows the doctor to customize each treatment according to the preferences and requirements of the individual patient.

Make It Easier to Apply Lipstick

While some people wish that their lips could be slightly larger, others have virtually no lips at all. If you suffer from pencil-thin lips, you may be tired of having to draw these features on and then carefully fill them in. Lip injections can give you the voluminous pout that you’ve always wanted while alleviating the need to rely heavily upon lipsticks, lip liners, and other cosmetics. You can start using your makeup to accentuate and showcase your lips, rather than using these products to create them. You won’t have to worry about having your lip color wipe off, as your lips will remain full and beautiful, whether you’re wearing makeup or not.

Stop Spending a Veritable Fortune on Store-Bought Lip Plumpers

There are lots of consumers who are still using store-bought lip plumpers to achieve adequate amounts of volume in this area. Sadly, despite their high costs, many of these products do not work. Moreover, those that do work, often work for very short periods of time. This makes it necessary to constantly reapply. Perhaps the biggest drawback of any effective, store-bought lip plumper is the discomfort that it’s likely to cause.

Conversely, lip injections are guaranteed to add volume. In fact, with proper application, these products can reshape, redefine, and enhance your lips in a variety of ways. Best of all, high-quality lip fillers often have lidocaine or another comparable anesthetic built right into them. This is included to ensure total patient comfort both during these procedures and immediately after them.

What Lip Injections in San Antonio are Like

Just like dermal filler injections, lip injections in San Antonio are performed with a very short and fine-tipped needle. This needle is not unlike those that are commonly used by diabetics when administering insulin. After assessing the treatment area and determining the proper amount of volume, and the ideal locations for filler placement, a short series of injections will be performed by the doctor. In some instances, a light massage may follow these injections in order to properly disburse the injectable and to ensure smooth and seamless results. When copious amounts of filler are used during any injectable treatment, patients may be advised to remain prone for several minutes to let the filler material set. This will prevent the product from migrating out of the treatment area and diminishing overall results. After this short waiting period, patients will be free to resume their normal activities.

Less is Better When Augmenting The Lips

With HA-based fillers, it is not the filler material itself that is actually adding volume to the lips. As HA collects and retains water molecules, the increased hydration of the treatment area will cause the lips to plump. This process allows for entirely natural-looking results. It also creates a softer and more youthful-looking lip surface. As such, you may be surprised to discover that the doctor will only be inserting very minute amounts of your chosen filler at each injection site. This is done to allow for further expansion as the product’s hydrating benefits take effect, and to ensure that the lips never look unnatural or over-filled.

What to Expect After a San Antonio Lip Augmentation Treatment

After receiving your lip injections in San Antonio, it is important to avoid all heavy exercise and any other jarring, high-impact activities during the first 24 to 48 hours following treatment. During this time, excessive and repeated movements can also cause filler migration. Having filler migrate out of the treatment zone can negatively impact the outcome of your procedure by randomly altering the final lip shape. Smoking and smoking exposure, spicy foods, extremely hot temperatures, processed foods, and excess sodium are also advised against.

How Long Will It Take for Results to Manifest?

Due to the very compact and concentrated nature of the treatment area, the injection of any filler into the lips will result in an automatic albeit slight change in both shape and size. However, the natural plumping effect of an HA-based filler can take time. This means that patients can expect both instant improvements and a series of progressive changes that gradually present over time. Every patient is different but the full range of benefits for any non-surgical lip augmentation procedure will usually be apparent after one week from injection.

The Immediate and Ongoing Effects of Lip Fillers

Although the effects of lip injections can start manifesting right away, you want to be careful when assessing the overall benefits of your procedure, particularly early-on. The immediate swelling caused by this treatment can take mere hours to abate. Some patients, however, can deal with residual swelling for several days. Residual swelling can make treated lips seem fuller than they actually area. You’ll be able to accurately assess your treatment results within five to seven days of your procedure.

What to Do If You’ve Had Lip Injections in the Past

Many HA-based fillers are designed to help people temporarily augment and reshape their lips. The short-term duration of their results allows patients to make dramatic changes in their appearances while still maintaining the flexibility to make additional changes going forward. These products are great for anyone who wants to improve, restore, or reshape this very prominent facial feature. By hydrating the lips and refining them, these treatments can make the entire visage more youthful-looking and more appealing all-around. Moreover, although these products are bound to wear off, lip injections can be easily and safely repeated as necessary.

If you have had lip injections in the past, however, you will want to tell the doctor all about these procedures including the types of fillers that were used, and when these treatments were performed. This will allow the doctor to schedule your augmentation at the perfect time for ensuring the best possible outcome. Past lip enhancement treatments are something that you should be sure to mention during your consultation visit.

Are You a Good Candidate for Lip Injections in San Antonio?

If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your lips, you may be able to benefit from lip injections. These treatments are safe, simple, and easy. Most non-invasive lip augmentation procedures take mere minutes to perform and do not require any downtime. Moreover, there is little to no aftercare required. To learn more, we warmly encourage you to reach out and make an appointment with SliMedica. At our convenient location in San Antonio, our caring and dedicated team of professionals will be pleased to explain this option in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!

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