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Treat Acne Once and for All with the Fotona Laser

October 29, 2018 | admin

Acne is a problem that most of us have struggled with, to some degree, at some point in our lives. While acne generally affects people during their teenage or pre-teen years, it can become an issue at any point. Many women struggle with acne during pregnancy and many adults will find acne cropping up as a result of stress of a major life change. Additionally, even after acne has cleared up, many of us are left with the scarring reminders of past acne on our face or body. Fotona laser treatment is a simple, fast solution to clear up active acne on the spot or to zap away acne scars and leave you with fresh, clear skin.

Fotona has been a top name in the medical laser industry since its invention. The company has a wide variety of highly specialized treatments that focus one everything from stretch marks, to weight loss, to acne treatment. Fotona has two separate laser treatments that focus on acne.

Fotona Laser Treatment of Active Acne

Active acne can be a huge problem. Most of the treatments on the market today involve completely drying the skin out in order to get rid of acne. However, this becomes a problem when those products are also stripping away the good oils in the skin. The good oils are the ones that leave your skin looking supple and contain the moisture you need for good skin health. Fotona uses an incredibly precisely controlled Nd:YAG laser light to treat acne, pore by pore.

The laser light penetrates skin and targets the overactive sebaceous glands that are the source of each pimple. The treatment also prevents new acne from forming. While it is treating the overactive glands, the Nd:YAG acne laser treatment also actually accelerates the healing process and spurs on new collagen growth in the affected areas of skin tissue, helping the skin to return to its pre-acne health.

Fotona Laser Treatment of Acne Scars

For old acne scars, Fotona switches to a different laser light: the Er:YAG. This laser beam gently resurfaces the lop micro-layers of the skin. The process does two things. First, it works to vaporize the old scarred tissue. Second, it actually stimulates the scarred tissue to spur new collagen production. The treatment can be focused on as small or as large of an area as you would like to treat.

Acne is an unfortunate part of childhood or life changes in your adult skin. It leaves you in a cycle: you want to cover it up, but makeup only makes it worse. Laser treatment is an ideal and lasting solution to get rid of active acne or active scarring once and for all. We are here to answer your questions about Fotona laser treatment for acne or acne scars. If you or someone you love is struggling with acne – no matter how severe – we would love to speak to you about Fotona laser treatments. Contact SliMedica today to schedule your consultation! We are conveniently located in San Antonio, TX.

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